It’s all about trial and error

I’ve been doing video stories in class and for Simpson’s PR and Marketing department for almost a year now. On one hand, my videography has come a long way, on the other hand, every time I film, I discover one more thing to keep in mind for next time. Mistakes are made, but such is the nature of being a journalism student. It’s a real learning by doing process. Watch this clip and see the “learning opportunity” that I discovered as I watched this footage I shot at Startup Storm over the weekend.

Donni gave a great interview and the lighting and audio are good. But yep, that’s my reflection in the window behind her. Perhaps my handsome figure enhances the video, but chances are it’s simply distracting. Luckily with Final Cut and other software if this situation happens to you, there are ways to fix it in the editing process. It’s simpler, however, to keep these small details in mind while shooting. It’s another item to check off the huge list of “do’s and don’ts” while shooting, however, after doing it awhile, I’ve found that (except for the occasional mistake) it becomes second nature.

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