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Workin’ Hard

I had the opportunity to get up in one of the city's lift trucks to film Ankeny's "All City Play Day."

Tough to believe summer’s coming to an end this fast. I know I’ve had an experience this┬ásummer and I know quite a few of my friends have in their jobs and internships as well. So what’s my internship with the City of Ankeny’s public relations department been all about?

Throughout the summer, I’ve improved my skills as a writer. Coming from a year of, for the most part, strict news writing, it’s been interesting refocusing to write press releases. Discipline wise, I’ve found that press release writing and news writing are like cousins. They’re similar but you can’t approach them the same way. Through news writing, I learned how to discern important points to bring out in a story. Writing press releases has focused my writing and my ability to focus a message towards a very particular audience.

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