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Romenesko’s story of his hyperlocal days

A daily Romenesko reader, I found his post today entitled “Dear Patch: I  was hyperlocal long before you” a telling lesson.

No, it wasn’t the ongoing drama between the blogger and Patch stemming from his Feb. 8 post detailing supposed staff reductions and content changes that interested me, but rather his story detailing his early days running his own biweekly hyperlocal paper.

Read the post, and you’ll hear the details of how he designed the paper every other Wednesday night and then drove 35 miles to drop it off at the printer’s in the early hours of the morning. I’m sure that’s an experience the top Simpsonian management can relate to; one that I’d imagine seriously tests an editor’s dedication and will.

The takeaway: the signs are clear that the news business is being strongly dominated by entrepreneurs, such as BuzzFeed‘s Jonah Peretti. As journalism students, if we’re going to compete, we’ll have to adopt a similar mindset.

But, as Romenesko post points out, it’s a business of late nights and early mornings. We might as well get into a competitive, creative and entrepreneurial mindset now.